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March 19, 2020 @ 7:02 AM

Well, it is time for it to begin again..... or is it.
A harsh time since late last year.A large part of Australia burnt out. Peoples lives and lively hoods shattered.
an almost recovery, and along comes a virus that no one knows anything about to almost bring the world to a halt.
Panic shopping by greedy selfish stupid people.
Testing time, for a long time to come.
But footy looms, or does it!!!
The season opener, is still on... so far.
I have found this to be the most lacklustre lead up to the season I can ever remember. No imagined smell of linament,or elastoplast, no smell of leather.Still got the aroma of moth balls.I am not sure the playing guernesys have yet had the smell removed.
Sould it, shouldn't it.Well we all have ......

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September 27, 2019 @ 11:29 AM

Well it is here, at long last.after all the months of make believe footy games, we now have the biggest game of the year.The Grand final.
We have had a season of ups and downs from a few sides.Some sides more downs than up.
Some sides were expected to be up, like Melbourne but failed badly.Will they be a side that promises so much again.Like this year.Get a favourable draw next year to soar up the ladder, then fall down again if they make the finals.To me they were the disappointment of the season.
From Melbourne to the Lions.They have been the team that were sort of going to be a threat than the team to beat /But come seasons end, they were the big improvers over all.Their form from the previous year, where they lost a lot of players ......

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September 20, 2019 @ 3:30 PM

Well cricket over... for the time being anyway.Circus play starts this weekend I think.But Ashes returned after a 2/2 drawn series.Not much more to say.
MMMMM where to from here.Always gets harder this time of the year to write stuff.O/S cricket finishing,generally and footy finals have arrived.Not as many games to chat about.
But Basketball was on I opened up about lat week.As I said then not a real fan of the game, but the Aussies were up and running back then.But sadly they came to a screeching halt come finals.Beaten by the Spaniards, I think it was, to force them into play off for the bronze medal with France.Again the wheels fell off.Some say biased refereeing.Some say they choked at crucial times.I am no expert so will leave it to ......

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September 13, 2019 @ 8:23 AM

A week that started slowly, but boy oh boy, did it liven up later.The news just kept coming.
Sadly the week opened with the passing of Saint Kilda great Danny Frawley. What a shame these things happen.The Black Dog is a silent killer and realistically no one is safe from it.I am sure that there would not be a bad word to be said about the jovial joker.R.I.P Spud.
Then along came the resignation of Don Pyke from the Crows. He has fallen on his own sword and was not prepared to see the Crows go through another season of non assurance. I guess he knew that the end was closing in and didn't want it to happen mid season if the season began badly.
Already Ross Lyons name has been bandies about as a replacement for Pyke.Only time will tell ......

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September 5, 2019 @ 12:12 AM

The cricket last night was a bit of a bummer with the weather washing out most of the day.Smith and Labuschagne lifted Australia out of the mire after failures by Warner and Harris.Warner must be on borrowed time right now.Only one decent score to date.Gone are the swash buckling devil may care innings we became accustomed to prior to the ban.
I think the Aussies have found a good one in Labuschagne .He looks the part. Unflustered by anything.And Smith, well he is Steve Smith.
But football is back tonight ,after a weekend off.After two really great rounds before H&A end, it surprised me that the AFL would do it.But I guess it is their competition. 
Thursday.First elimination final.
The Eagles take on the Bombers in the first ......

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August 24, 2019 @ 7:11 AM

What a week. The talk of the townof course has been the sacking of Ross Lyon from the Fremantle Football Club.Also the resignation!!! sacking !! from the club as well.Decision that have pleased some, but angered others.I will leave it up to those that read this what they think.Me , I have my own thoughts, but wont bore you with them.
Cricket.... a first day disaster for the Aussies.All out for for 179.Only a couple,Warner and Labuschange getting going.Fragile is not really a way of describing the Aussie batting line up, but struggle to find another.
The Archer has certainly torn our batting to pieces .Some pace the boy has.
The last round before the bye and then finals.Still placings in the eight to be finalised, so a few games this week......

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August 16, 2019 @ 6:33 AM

Friday rolls around once more.Cricket and football to watch tonight.
Cricket is in the balance.Poms rolled for 258, should have been far less but for a couple of dropped catches.The Kwakkas catch was a gimmeee. Should have been gobbled up.That was Burns at around mid 20s I think Paine should have had him later.So I guess you could almost forgive Paine for dropping him later.He should have been sipping cordial back in the pavilion.
Aussie bowlers shared the wickets,three to Cummins, Hazlewood and Lyon.One to Siddle.Siddle was the unlucky bowler to have the two drops.After his first over , he bowled well.Aussies at 1/30 at stumps.Warner failed again.Bowled by Broad for 3.Not a good start tot he series for Davie.Hopefully Banger and Kwakka ......

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August 9, 2019 @ 4:21 PM

One week closer to finals.Some packed up already I think.But still some good games to come.After this week there could be a couple more preparing for the summer break.
Talking footy.As one former Footy show host used to say, "A week is a long time in footy".It sure is Eddie.Funny how this bloke used to host the footy show, allow scurrilous scuttle butt about other teams.He encouraged some of the "Best news grabbers"To break stories about other clubs.Break wind more like it. Most of these rumours or news reports were garbage.But did you ever notice that none of them involved the Collingwood footy club!!
But I read today that Eddie want an Inquiry into how a story is doing the rounds a bout the Collingwood FC having a ......

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July 26, 2019 @ 4:54 PM

Not sure where to start again this week, but I guess the main story here in WA this week has been the attacks in the media here by the WA media against Ross Lyon.Love him, hate him, he has done nothing to deserve the vile bile that has been spewing form the pens and voices of the alleged journalists.
It has been out and out bullying.
What bemuses me is the notice the press take of what the supporters of other clubs are saying.
As I say love him or hate him, nobody deserves that.
Well that off my chest.
I guess internationally, the WSC. has been the main talk.Mack Horton the Aussie swimmer has blown up a storm by refusing to stand on the podium with the Chinese swimmer,Sun Yang.He has been supported by English swimmer,Duncan Scott.This ......

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July 19, 2019 @ 2:24 AM

Poets day again. Not sure I want to leave early, but the weekend beckons.
A week where the CWC took main stage sports wise.The Poms are on cloud nine after being granted the trophy on a system, that I am sure not many realised was there.But winners are grinners and the rest can do as they please.
Well done to the Poms. Well done to the Kiwis.They showed what true sportsman ship is all about.No bleating, pardon the pun,no complaining.They just accepted it for what it was.I think our media in Australia, made more of the decision than they did.
I watched some of the MU and Leeds game!!!!! the other night.A great crowd, but from what I saw, not a great spectacle.Looked like both sides were having a training run, trying out some set plays.......

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