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October 2, 2017 @ 9:39 AM

By Anchorman

As I said previously, well done to the Richmond FC. They have had a very good year, topping it off with a premiership.

It is close to a double up of the premiers from last season the Bulldogs. I don't think any one would deny either of them a flag... But...

Last season the Doggies played their first seven games at their home ground Etihad stadium. This year Richmond played 6 of their first eight games in Melbourne. Five of those games...at the MCG. Not a bad start. Of course that is where the GF is played.

I am sure that the out of Victorian clubs would enjoy a similar start to the season.

One of the things the AFL tell us is that we need equalisation in the competition. Well their thought on that is monetary wise. The...

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October 1, 2017 @ 12:18 PM

Thirty seven years ago, the door to the cage at Tiger land was slammed shut. They beat Collingwood by a massive 81 points. The Tigers side was full of super stars of the day, Bartlett, Sheedy, Raines, Cloke, Bourke, Lee, Wiley who was a Perth player, who went on to pay for the Eagles, Weightamn, and a good South Fremantle boy named Bruce Monteath was their captain.

For 37 years the Tiger faithful have been rattling the cage door, hoping it would spring open again, but until today it has all been in vain. They became a side that ate their own. Sacking coaches etc.

Their supporters were very patriotic to the Yella and Black all to no avail. Some supporters turned in their memberships half way through seasons. Some microwaved them in ...

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