April 28, 2017 @ 5:40 PM

By Anchorman

Sorry for the wait folks, but family comes first.

Golly gosh, gee whizz,Woweee.

Speeeeshal,isn't it!!!

Tipsters bobbing around like a cork in the ocean.

Round six, what a round, feeling more like the finals than an early round.

Many sides have more to lose than gain this week.Their credibilty is on the line.Word has it that it is going to be zero degrees in the Hot Air Capital tonight.Parliament must be in recession.But the football will make people warm up.

Probably the two best young sides in the competition fighting it out tonight.Doggies got the Neeshies last time and cost the Neeshies a GF spot.

Last game two of the three unbeaten sides at Adelaide oval.This will test the Tiggers big time....

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