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July 28, 2017 @ 4:01 PM

Having a mental blank on a light hearted topic to start with, but I guess if it can't be light hearted it can be about family.

Family is most important.

We have been blessed with two great kids,who in return have given us three beautiful grandies.

Two grand daughters and one grand son.

We had to wait a long time to get grandies, but then they came in a rush.

Or first grand daughter turns 2 tomorrow.

She is a beautiful sweet girl who we love dearly, but no more than the other two.

Life is good and will only get better as they grow.


A huge footy week this week.

Last week it was sides who were desperate for the win.

Well some were, other floundered.

This week top nine play bottom nine.

Those around the lower part of the...

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July 21, 2017 @ 2:44 PM

The would be's if they could be's have drifted to the bottom of the pile.

Clubs like Roos, Lions.Blues, Suns,Pies Hawks Freo, all done and dusted for the year.

The aroma of Napthalene flakes, or moth balls becoming very prominent.

The Dogs and Bombers, 8&8 are hanging in there.Saints, Toasters, Dees, Swans, all at 9&7, fighing for spots in the eight, and maybe a lucky top four spot.

A huge weekend for all these sides.

This weekend could make or break them.

The aroma will begin to permeate through another couple of sides this weekend.

Tops two sides play tonight. Another weekend end of great football ahead of us this weekend.


Friday night Crows V Cats

What an absolute cracking game this should be,top spot up ...

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July 14, 2017 @ 2:06 PM

Friday comes around once again and that means football... again.

A lot of late nights the last couple of weeks with the TDF.

Most nights finishing around midnight, late nights for old timers like me.

But cycling has been one of my favourites sports since growing up ion the Goldfields.

The Old man used to take me into Boulder Sunday morning to watch the round the town bike racing.

They started from Hannan Street in Kal rode out the back of the air port a downd Burt street and back into Kal.

Twice round.

We used to wait on the post office corner to see them coming down Burt street waiting to see who was leading.

Also used to go into Kal to Kalgoorlie oval to see the carnivals that were held on Kalgoorlie oval.

Athletics ...


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July 6, 2017 @ 10:57 PM

Here we go again, Thursday, teams time.

Still cold here and at long last we have some rain.

Casting back to last week and the cold, makes me think of the life I had on the goldfields.

Hot Cold, and both to the extremes.

But I consider myself very lucky to have been raised there.

Living in the wide open spaces of South Boulder, was a great upbringing.

Our boundary or fence line went almost as far as the ye could see.

Vast open spaces to run and play which ever game held your fancy at the time.

Playing football, could be Steve Marsh, Bernie Naylor, John Gerovich, any one of those great South Fremantle players.

Playing cricket on the pitch the Old man and Big brother prepared.

Maybe being Ray Lindwall, Keith Miller Syd Barnes etc.


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