October 10, 2018 @ 9:25 PM

I gotta say, I am frustrated.Frustrated that people are frustrated that Fremantle are holding up proceedings with Lachie Neale.I am frustrated they are frustrated that Fremantle are stopping other trades to go ahead.Frustratation is getting the better of me.I am even frustrated that Lachie is frustrated with Fremantle.
Now let's talk Lachie.This fella, is frustrated, I guess you have gathered, but he is the fella who ,last week won Fremantles best and fairest. And a good decision it was.
Now Lachie during his speech said, I love this club. I love Fremantle, I love Perth,Perth is now my home.,I love Ross Lyon, I love my team mates.Now he is frustrated,why!!!So much for his love of all things.
Yeah , I am frustrated at not ......

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