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April 27, 2018 @ 1:45 PM

A week is a long time in footy, or so they say, but a week of footy is a bloody lot of hours in front of the TV. A round that was almost never ending. Some surprising results, some blow outs, a draw, and some close ones.

A round to highlight the sacrifice the Diggers made for us mere mortal.

It was only yesterday that round five finished and here we are saddled up and ready to go once more with Friday night footy. Not sure that any body knows just what the opening game will bring, but may be when the draw was made for the year, those responsible thought that these sides would be vieing for top four honours.


Bulldogs V Carlton

The Doggies were collared last week by the Dockers, never allowed out of the kennel.Some say they were ...

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April 19, 2018 @ 10:51 PM

Time to go again. This weeks fixtures looks a bit like lotto in several ways. There as many games of the week, just like the number of draws.Also be like winning lotto selecting 9 winners.

Some crucial games for a few teams who have been disappointing so far.


The round kicks off with the Swans at home against the Crows

Swannies traveled to Etihad last week and just fell over the line against a resurgent Bulldogs. Crows were smashed at home by the rampaging Mrs Macs. The crows would be smarting from their dismal performance last week, and hoping for a much better performance, but have been ravaged by injury.Maybe the wheels are beginning to fall of at the Crows nest. You would have to select the Swans at home,even with wet and ...

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April 13, 2018 @ 1:51 PM

The week has been full of games excitement,plenty of valuable minerals have been won by the Aussies. Far more than expected I think. Some great results from some young athletes. Well done to all.

But from tomorrow football takes over once again.

A round of footy with a couple of good games.Some are between the would be's if they could be's.

Might be harder to find a winner this week than an honest politician. But have to stick the head in a noose again, so here goes.


Crows V Mrs Macs

This could be bonanza time for the Crows.I don't hold the Pies in high stead. Crows Will be far too strong in this one.


Neeshies V Freo

Would dearly love to pick the Dockers, but I think this is a trip too far.But I am sure ...

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April 5, 2018 @ 5:35 PM

Sheez an extra day this week and haven't got my head around what to say yet.

Easter been and gone. Christmas just around the corner.

Beautiful weather sticking around with us. Makes the footy all the better.

Good wins by both local sides last week. Depends on who you support of course as to which was the better. No guessing which one I thought was. And another goal for the Dockers.

What a great game the Easter Monday game was. A magnificent spectacle. All footy followers would have enjoyed that one.

Just going to have a check on this weeks games to put my spin on them.

WOW a a huge game to start the weekend off. Two sides without a win so far and neither travelling very well.


Carlton V Mrs Macs

How can you select one of ...

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