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May 25, 2018 @ 1:31 PM

Almost forgot that tonight is the night before round ten kicks off. Hardly studied the form, but will have a crack.

There may have been some season-defining games from last week.The Toasters pummeling the Tiggers. A classy display by the Toasters. Brisbane have at last broken their duck after some good games that they could have won.Well done Lions.The Kangas down at their second home seem to be getting on track.
Some good games this week as well. Some that could make or break teams.

Kicking off the weekend is Pies V Doggies. Collingwood winners last week against a once again disappointing Saints. Doggies blown away by the Crows. I find it hard to select the Doggies, but this is at the stadium that will soon be categorised as ...


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May 17, 2018 @ 11:35 PM

Well, last week was dominated by the NN saga. This week we have the debacle of the touching episodes of umpires. Did they or didn't they, was Hawkins and Geelong sold a pup by the AFL?

So many questions on touching umpires. I think the Tribunal had 50 cents each way on the Blues brothers issue. Keep the masses happy, suspend one, fine the other. What do I think!!!!! I don't think anyone really cares. But I do think they took the cowards way out.
And they tell me there is an important event happening far across the seas this weekend. Not sure what they are talking about though. Is someone getting married!!!!!

Anyway, footy kicks off Friday night with the Crows taking on the Bulldogs.

The Crows may be lucky they are playing at ...

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May 10, 2018 @ 11:02 PM

Thank goodness that Friday night football is back because there has been nothing this week to talk about football-wise.

We have had the Federal budget to keep us interested in something. And then today we have had the state budget. These topics have filled the void with the lack of football news.

This week's fixtures could sort the wheat from the chaff, tip-wise. A load of games that will catch some punters and tipsters out I feel.

It appears weather wise the East Coast will be going through a mini winter. Better take the long johns if travelling to see a game.


Friday night sees two of the powerhouse sides of recent years. The battle of the birds, Hawks V Swans

The Hawks eventually clawed the Bombers to take the points. But...

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May 3, 2018 @ 9:56 PM

Time to tap the keys again and hopefully select a winner or two. I have given up trying to work out who is in and who is out on Thursday nights. There seem to be more casualties than there are in an emergency ward at a major hospital.

Some good games last week, the Derby, the Swans Geelong game. The Giants V Brissie was close, but gee it was a shocking game of football.

The talk around at he moment seems to be the question ,"is football in trouble"? Maybe the AFL is going ok as far as the numbers etc.But gee the level of skills, or lack of them leaves a lot to be desired. I guess we ask, as was asked by Robert Walls, do we have to many teams in the competition? In my opinion yes we do.

Also another question that has to be asked...

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