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April 23, 2019 @ 7:58 PM

Phew, hardly time to take a breath from the end of round five, until the beginning of round six.Yesterday, Monday, the last game of round five.Tomorrow , Wednesday, the beginning of round six.
Round six is the annual ANZAC round of football where we pay homage to those who went to war for our freedom and our rights.We salute them all.Those who returned, those who forever will be memories to their families and friends.
We will remember them.

Round five was a nightmare for most tippers,myself included.But in fairness every round so far has been a nightmare.
Upsets galore.Who would have bet on the Saints and Fremantle being two and three on the ladder.
Eagles down, GWS down,Brissie down,Roos once again becoming road kill.Saints pitch fork...

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April 23, 2019 @ 1:02 PM

By Anchorman

300 games. WOW, what an achievement. Very few players now days get to play that many, but from a Fremantle perspective, we see one of our great players David Mundy achieve that milestone on Saturday night at Optus stadium.
Mundy has been a monument to the club for a long time.Nobody deserves the accolades from the fans more than he.
A much maligned player for a long time because of his laid back, nonchalant approach to the game.
I like so many others lamented week, after week, month after month, his seeming lack of effort.Some weeks good, some weeks bad.When he displayed his class, it was, wow this kid can play.But all too soon I was on his back again.
But over the years, I began to see his class his elegance, his presence...

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April 18, 2019 @ 4:36 PM

Winter arrives tonight or so our intrepid weather forecaster has told us.Wind , rain, chance of storms.I guess we will have to wait and see.But a good way to kick of a feast of football coming to us over the next week or so.
Notre Dame badly damaged by fire, may be the major story of the week.Though Rocket Man setting off another test rocket has raised some eye brows.
The pollies keep rolling around the country , telling us that we are the best.I think less than a month to go before we go to the polls.Can't come quick enough for me.And more than likely many more of us.
Oh and Smith and Warner, are out of exile.Named in the Aussie squads.Interesting times ahead cricket wise.
A couple of sides got their mojo back last week.Caused a ...

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April 11, 2019 @ 2:56 PM

I have been trying to think of some humour to start my spiel, like I used to , but nothing like that has come to mind,until this week.Maybe not funny ha ha, but funny any way.....well to me it is.
What are all the ladies, and some men going to do now that MAFS has finished. Ohhhhhh lord. Withdrawal symptoms.Shock horror.But don't worry folks, I am sure the Channel will have something as mind blowing in store.
Megs is still pregnant and due soon.Not sure when, but make no mistake, we will know about it when it happens.
Oh and now we can forget all about the faux, election. It has been finally announced.
So we shouldn't have any more tax payer ads on the Tele.So now the gloves are really off.The bell has rung.
Heaven help us all....

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April 3, 2019 @ 9:49 PM

MMM where do I start?Another week down.Still some surprise results last week.Some who , from last year promised so much , have delivered so little the first two week.
The MRP still the most useless thing the AFL have to offer.It seems that nobody knows the rules.Even if they do they alter them to suit themselves.
The ladies flag done and dusted.The Crows far too strong for the Blues.Sadly two of the Crows stars have done their ACLs.A scourge on our game.Good luck with your rehab ladies.And well done to the Crows.
Five unbeaten teams at the moment.Two of them, Lions and Power, play each other this round.
Five teams without a win so far.The bottom four, all sides that were supposedly going to be forces this season.But only early yet I ......

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