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May 31, 2019 @ 12:34 PM

Here we go again,It comes around so quickly, almost as quickly as some coaches get moved on I reckon.
Been a pretty quiet week footy wise other than the fact that The Little Champ got sprung for an accidental punch to the face of an opponent.A weeks spell is a good outcome I reckon after his two previous weeks.
The mid season draft has also drawn some comment from some experts.Some suggesting that some clubs involved in it have taken advantage and used it to get a young player for free.
Good luck to Marlion Pickett from Souths and former Docker Josh Deluca, both selected in the draft.Fremantle selected son of former player Stephen Orielly.Dillon is 19 and plays, played for East Fremantle.I am not sure that it was in spirit of the draft.

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May 23, 2019 @ 4:03 PM

Getting toward the half way mark of the season. The eight beginning to work itself out.Not sure if any others will make it other than those already in there. Brissie may be the one under threat, but I think they have enough games at home to allow then a place.
But getting ahead of myself here.As a host of a famous footy show once or twice said,A week is a long time in footy.Seems that once again the umpires have made the news.Or in a round about way.
Daisy Thomas from the Blues, was fined for calling a boundary umpire F....n cheat.A $7,500 fine.A big entry into Daisy's wallet.I bet he doesn't do it again.But then again, Carlton have plenty of well heeled supporters.
The elbow, yes elbow, not Albo. A totally different topic all ......

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May 17, 2019 @ 4:10 PM

Yesterday was a sad day for all Australians.Our country lost one of, if not the best Prime Minister , this great land of ours has had.
The passing of Bob Hawke was indeed saddening.We all have to go at some time, but losing an icon of our country goes down harder than most.He said recently, he didn't have long to go before he departed this earth, but he has gone much to quickly.
Rest peacefully Bob.
We all know by now that Meg has the approval of young Archie, stiff bickies if she didn't eh.
Thank goodness the election will be dead and buried this time next week.Sick of all the BS and promises, most of which will not happen,regardless of who wins power.
A few earth shattering sagas on the footy front.The Fyfe Ablett fiasco.Fyfe......

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May 10, 2019 @ 3:49 PM

Oyea, oyea ,oyea,The palace would like to advise that Megsie and Arry are happy to tell Queen Betty she has another little great grand son. They are also happy to reveal the secret name has been changed from Baby Sussex, which I thought was a very strange name to call a baby boy, to Archie.An interesting name.A mate of mine asked if their next couple might be named Veronica and Jughead. Now it wasn't me who said that.
But I wonder what is next to keep us all in suspenders.Oh well we still have another week of the election to come. Riveting stuff that is.
Thank goodness we have football to keep us all cheery and upbeat.An interesting round was held last week.Only two games that went deep into the games.A few fell by the way side I ......

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May 2, 2019 @ 11:17 AM

WOW 11 days of football , football, football.18 games of football, football, football.A mass of football, the Catholic church would have been proud of the AFL.Well maybe.Not sure about the Good Friday game, but hey, it was a winner for the football masses.
Well done to all AFL host clubs that got to hold their own ANZAC ceremony.It was all done with class.
We did remember them.

The only sad thing was on ANZAC day that a great champion, Scott Pendelbury was booed after a dismal display of umpiring.
The whole world have been abuzz with the action packed box off on Seven.So much anticipation, so much expectation.So much of a let down,or so they tell me.I was busy that day.And don't forget we have many more days of total drivel to come....

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