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June 27, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

Time to go yet again. Thursday night footy has returned with a vengeance. Last one for the year, thank goodness.
I've been up and down of late, one week the night cart driver, next week the Lord Mayor, this week a city councillor. Not sure where I go from here.
The Matildas let themselves down and are out of the world cup.Good try girls , but no cigar this tournament.
Cricket is deep on the agenda, with the Aussies belting the Poms last night.Maybe the Poms got a bit ahead of themselves.They now have to fight to make the finals.
The Aussie girls are holding the banner high for Australia right now.Ash Barty French open champ.Hannah Green, the West Aussie golfer holding aloft the Women's PGA champion ship trophy.And Sally ......

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June 20, 2019 @ 10:25 AM

I stole a bit of my own thunder with my previous rant about where the AFL is going.But still a bit to write about I reckon.
Betting this week has raised its ugly head.Every player in the AFL knows that they can not bet on any type of football anywhere in Australia.How often do they get told.How often do they have to be told.Yet we see now Jaiyden Stephenson from the Pies has been banned for 22 week, ten weeks this year and 12 weeks suspended.Also fined $20,000 .I am not sure I have any sympathy for him.Maybe the ban is not long enough.
Inchy pinchy, another topic of the week.I wonder was the penalty enough ,considering that the week before the bye, Stratton was seen on TV doing the same thing.
The round ball game is in the news today, ......

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June 13, 2019 @ 12:19 AM

Here we go again.But another Thursday game when I thought it was all over.
I gotta tell ya all, I am totally disappointed in my tipping so far this season.I have had a shocker.Some of the teams I have selected at times , have not been as good as I thought they were,or some of those I didn't were better than I thought.All very confusing for an older male.
But some good things happening, The rain has come. The cockies will be happy. Well those that have had the good fortune to get some opening rain.Maybe a good crop due this season.A boost to WA.
The Aussies are still alive in the CWC, though with a couple of ordinary performances.Fingers crossed for the.
One surprise, Virat Kohli, who I don't have much time for, went up in my ......

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June 6, 2019 @ 4:20 PM

Another week, another coach gone.Scott last week Bolton this week.I thought, though Bolton was on very shaky ground, he was very poorly treated by the Carlton hierarchy.I thought, from what I saw of the press conference,he was treated almost as if he wasn't in the room.Very poor form from their Chairman.
Bolton was his usual smiling self, and treated everyone with respect.Well done Brendon, you may not have been cut out to be a full time senior coach, but you were much more respectful to them than they were towards you.
The Hall of Fame was Monday night and two West Aussies were inducted.Brad Hardie , former South Fremantle player and Ken Hunter the former Claremont player.Both are worthy recipients of the award.Both spoke very well ......

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