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July 26, 2019 @ 4:54 PM

Not sure where to start again this week, but I guess the main story here in WA this week has been the attacks in the media here by the WA media against Ross Lyon.Love him, hate him, he has done nothing to deserve the vile bile that has been spewing form the pens and voices of the alleged journalists.
It has been out and out bullying.
What bemuses me is the notice the press take of what the supporters of other clubs are saying.
As I say love him or hate him, nobody deserves that.
Well that off my chest.
I guess internationally, the WSC. has been the main talk.Mack Horton the Aussie swimmer has blown up a storm by refusing to stand on the podium with the Chinese swimmer,Sun Yang.He has been supported by English swimmer,Duncan Scott.This ......

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July 19, 2019 @ 2:24 AM

Poets day again. Not sure I want to leave early, but the weekend beckons.
A week where the CWC took main stage sports wise.The Poms are on cloud nine after being granted the trophy on a system, that I am sure not many realised was there.But winners are grinners and the rest can do as they please.
Well done to the Poms. Well done to the Kiwis.They showed what true sportsman ship is all about.No bleating, pardon the pun,no complaining.They just accepted it for what it was.I think our media in Australia, made more of the decision than they did.
I watched some of the MU and Leeds game!!!!! the other night.A great crowd, but from what I saw, not a great spectacle.Looked like both sides were having a training run, trying out some set plays.......

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July 5, 2019 @ 12:57 AM

MMMM where to start , or what to say, is the problem.A lot happening I guess sports wise, some good some not so good and some terrible.I guess almost all those options can come from the Tennis Capital of the world ,Wimbledon.From an Aussie perspective, I guess we fill all three categories.The good, Barty still going.She is a breath of fresh air.Only other Aussie I know still going is John Millman.
The bad, I guess comes from Naughty Nick Kyrgios. Beaten my Raffa alst night, but not disgraced. A game of high quality.Some cheeky stuff from Nick, but a load of good tennis I believe.I guess the thing that turns people off him is maybe his attitude to the game, to the press and most of all to the Aussie tennis followers.I guess he is just being......

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