July 19, 2019 @ 2:24 AM

Poets day again. Not sure I want to leave early, but the weekend beckons.
A week where the CWC took main stage sports wise.The Poms are on cloud nine after being granted the trophy on a system, that I am sure not many realised was there.But winners are grinners and the rest can do as they please.
Well done to the Poms. Well done to the Kiwis.They showed what true sportsman ship is all about.No bleating, pardon the pun,no complaining.They just accepted it for what it was.I think our media in Australia, made more of the decision than they did.
I watched some of the MU and Leeds game!!!!! the other night.A great crowd, but from what I saw, not a great spectacle.Looked like both sides were having a training run, trying out some set plays.They all looked totally uninterested.The commentators were in much the same mood.Dull colourless and boring.The TV coverage seemed to make a point of stopping the noise from the crowd being heard during commentary.But that may have been so those calling the game could hear their own voices.
But football, Aussie rules style still rules.Friday night footy once again.
Crows V Bombers.
Crows had a training run up on the Gold Coast last weekend.Not sure they would take much from that game.This week could, should be different.May be no laughing or joking in the coaches box.Maybe that huge win will just be a very old sticky plaster to cover a major wound.
Bombers,Close winners against the Roos last week.A last minute winner from Tippa got them over the line after looking beaten.It will be a case of if they are ready to fire away from home I guess.Maybe their pace will be a problem for the Crows.
But I am going for the Crows at home.
Richmond V Port.
The Tiggers are back I reckon. They should now be outright favourites for the flag.They are getting players back and playing some real finals footy.Their two pronged forward line, Reiwoldt and Lynch look ominous.They will put Ports backline under great pressure.
Port, last week got a bit ahead of themselves in their approach tot he Brissie game.Played the man and not the ball.It came back to bite them fair square on the arse.They will not be game to go that way against the Tigers I wouldn't think.They couldn't be that stupid, I am sure.
Richmond to give Port a lesson.
Carlton V Gold Coast.
Carlton raging favourites!!!!!!!!! Yep that's right, who woulda thunk that.But credit where credit is due.They are playing very good footy right now under David Teague, who handed back the trainer wheels to Chris Judd.Maybe Judd needs trainer wheels for his media career.
Suns, Not sure just what can be said about them.They are a basket case in more ways than one right now.Far too many junior players. No mature aged players to lead them.Talk about having to learn on the run.Stewey Dew has been handed the poisoned Chalice.But I am sure he will get them firing.
Blues for me .
Giants V Pies.
The Giants have been cut down with injury yet again.I think their next step is to build a hospital at their facility.From flag favourites a month or so ago, to a team that may be lucky to make the eight.They sit on a razors edge right now.
Pies, off a thrilling win last Friday night against the flag favourites West Coast.After an ordinary first half , they put their boot fairly on the Eagles neck, then clipped their wings.They shut them down and smothered them.
A very good performance, and one that will give them great confidence.
Pies for me, even thought they are away again.What two weeks away fromtheir beloved MCG.What happened there.Eddie, Eddie do you realise what has happened!!!!!!
Lions V Roos.
Will the Lions find out what Roo tastes like!!! Can they lure the Roos into their den and devour them.The Lions have been savage of late.Allowing the Power to be silly enough to bait them with physical assault.A team that now believes in what they are dealing out.They believe that they belong in the position they are in and maybe that they should be higher.
Roos, lost a close one last week to the Bombers.Losing with lamost the last kick of the game.Another team that has blossomed after dismissing their coach. A hard side to beat now after being road kill earlier in the season.
I think the Lions will feast out on Roo Saturday .
Fremantle V Swans.
Fremantle,Oh dear Oh dear, What has gone wrong with the Purple? Such a drastic change from pre bye to post bye.A side that looks to have lost their way.An ordinary performance last week except for an Herculean effort from Nat Fyfe.A lot of those wearing the Purple now, need to go to Harvey Normans and buy mirrors.
Swans. Lost badly to Carlton last week not so much a belting, but a game they should have won. A team in the rebuild mode and blooding some kids.A team that generally don't have much trouble with Freo.
But I am tipping Freo for some silly reason.Maybe my heart over ruling my head.
Cats V Hawks.
If you went by the last five games, the Cats would lose this one,W,L,W,L, W.But past performances have nothing to do with sides I guess.But maybe playing a home game away, at the G, could throw a spanner in the works.Still favourites for the flag , regardless.
Hawks, winners last week against a disappointing Dockers.A couple of games out side the eight and will need to win this one to stay with a chance.I am sure their rivalry with the Cats will make this one a real clinker of a game.
Geelong for me. The Kennett curse still applies I think.
Melbourne V WCE
Dees went down to the Doggies last week and have to be one of the disappointments of the season.Again, the last five results tells us that this should be a win game for them.But they will have to improve.
WC, fell apart last week against the Pies after a great start.Will the Eagles that played the first half last week show up in Darwin this weekend.They have lost a couple from last weeks game and will be interesting to see just who steps up for them.
Have to tip the Eagles here I reckon.
Saints V Doggies.
Saints have moved their coach along,will they get the same response as the other club who have done the same.Former Carlton coach Brett Ratten steps in.Will he be so lucky!!!
Doggies are on a winning streak. Winning their last three.Beating Melbourne Geelong and Port.Playing good footy right now.
Doggies for me.
Well another week down. I hope all have a great weekend. Stay dry and warm.
To all the tipsters, good luck with your tipping.
May your team win , as long as it isn't the other mob.