July 26, 2019 @ 4:54 PM

Not sure where to start again this week, but I guess the main story here in WA this week has been the attacks in the media here by the WA media against Ross Lyon.Love him, hate him, he has done nothing to deserve the vile bile that has been spewing form the pens and voices of the alleged journalists.
It has been out and out bullying.
What bemuses me is the notice the press take of what the supporters of other clubs are saying.
As I say love him or hate him, nobody deserves that.
Well that off my chest.
I guess internationally, the WSC. has been the main talk.Mack Horton the Aussie swimmer has blown up a storm by refusing to stand on the podium with the Chinese swimmer,Sun Yang.He has been supported by English swimmer,Duncan Scott.This has outraged the swimmer himself and also China.
We all know the story so no need to go over it all.But I am in favour of the two protesters.I believe that FINA has been very weak on the issue.They need to take a good look as to why the swimmers made their protest.China has been a problem drug and swimming wise for a long time now and something needs to be done.
Ok there is football this week as well, and what a round it looks like being.A couple of club, who pre season, would never have started favourites, look like doing just that this week.
A season the form guide has been tossed out the window.A huge game to open the round tonight.
Friday night.
Collingwood V Richmond.
The pies are in a bit of a hole at the moment,Losing three of their last five and getting the feathers torn of last week against the Neeshies.Maybe this huge game will get them back in favour.But it will take a big effort.Bucks is not a happy camper right now.
Richmond,Sitting level on points with the Pies , but a slightly smaller percentage.But without doubt , travelling better than the Pies.Their two big forwards,Reiwoldt and Lynch, are beginning to gel and will be a major problem for the Pies.Their football of late has been good.Four wins on the trot.
I guess form says that the Tiggers will start favourites, But the Pies stamped on the Tigers in last years prelim.
I am going to go left field here and tip the Pies.
Hawks V Lions.
Hawks,sit just outside the eight on percentage, and having won their last three games.They, along side the Lions , travel to Tassie.Why I will never know.Love Tassie so much, move down there.I am off the topic here, but why don't the Melbourne clubs like Richmond,Pies travel down there instead of out of Victorian clubs. 
Lions,Have, since the bye, gone unbeaten.Playing some very very good football.Not a surprise for me that they are playing well, as I believe that they were unlucky with injury and a few close games,last season.
They won a close and thrilling game last week against the Roos. Some say a controversial finish, but that is football.
Though I would love to see the Lions win this one, I think Tassie will be a trip too far.Even thought hey won down there last year I believe.And if I am reading it right they have won the last three against the Hawks.Not sure just why, because form says other wise, but am tipping the Hawks.
Carlton V Crows.Carlton have found some red hot form since parting ways with Brendon Bolton and handing the reins to David Teague. They are playing with a flair that didn't seem possible early on in the season.Full marks to them and their coach. They have won three of their last five.All the players seem to have bought into the plan that Teague has brought to them.
Crows.WOW, what can be made of this mob.Are they for real or what.They are clinging tenuously to eight spot on the ladder.They have lost three of their last five and are in big trouble.Some of their stars from bye gone days are finding it hard to find the football let alone help the team with wins.Who would have thought that they would drop Eddie Betts!!!!
Very hard to make a case for the Crows. Tipping the Blues.
Eagles V Roos.
Not much can be said about the Eagles.They are winning games, sometimes in unconvincing style, but still winning.A win is a win, is a win.Winning four of their last five, and only losing to the Pies in that game.A game in which they had trouble scoring after half time.
Roos,Winning three of their last five and still making a charge to the eight.That was slightly derailed last week against the Lions.Another side benefiting from a coach change.Early in the season they were mere road carnage.Road kill, but not now a truly competitive team.
At home the eagles should win this one.But it may be harder than we think.
Saints V Melbourne.
The Saints, yet another side who have moved the seats around and moved their coach on.Former Blues coach, Brett Ratten taking the reins.They had a very good win last week against the Doggies, blowing them out of the water in the first quarter with a six to one goal blitz.I guess the question is, can they sustain that sort of form.
Melbourne.Well, this is one side that has been a total disaster.They were expected to play a huge role in the competition this season, but they have been cellar dwellers for most of the season.Very disappointing if you are Dees supporter.I am not sure that even if the snow was good, that it would make them any happier.
I think the Saints will take the Dees to the cleaners in this one.
Power V Neeshies
The Power, like their cross town rivals have had an up and down season.I guess for both sides , the comparison could be made of the brides nightie.
They are on the wrong side of the ledger over the last five weeks.Torn apart by the Tigers last week.
Neeshies, every time I write them off with too many injuries, they come back to bite me on the arse. Missing players last week, they made the Pies look very second rate.A side that will cause problems when fully kitted out with their top players.
Even though it is in the Power house, I am tipping the Neeshies .
Doggies V Dockers.
Doggies have won three of their last five, so in pretty good form, thought badly beaten by the Saints last week.A hard running team that pay exciting football.More attack than defence. Will they handle the Dockers defensive style.
Dockers. Fighting hard to find some of the early season form. They had a hard fought win last week against the Swans.Winning by a point in a thriller.Will Freo be able to stop the running game of the Doggies is the question.Also will they be able to kick enough goals to win the game.
My heart has won out gain here.Dockers for me in a close medium scoring game.
Swans V Cats.
The Swans have lost their last three, mostly to teams around themselves.Still developing some talent.Still a hard to beat side regardless.
Cats,have been unimpressive of late.Struggling since the bye.Are they being worked out by other sides, or just having a form slump.A team full of stars that don't seem to be twinkling so much late in the season.
Cats for me here.
Suns V Bombers.
Gee I would love to be able to write something good about the Suns,but sadly, I can't find anything.A team in a very dark place right now I feel.
Bombers are on fire.Four out of five big Ws along side their name.When they go they are a side that are hard to stop.Free running side that use the centre of the ground to attack.They win this one, and their spot in the eight is almost secure.From there, anything goes for this lot.
All done once more.Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and dry.
To all you tipsters, good luck.
May your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.