September 5, 2019 @ 12:12 AM

The cricket last night was a bit of a bummer with the weather washing out most of the day.Smith and Labuschagne lifted Australia out of the mire after failures by Warner and Harris.Warner must be on borrowed time right now.Only one decent score to date.Gone are the swash buckling devil may care innings we became accustomed to prior to the ban.
I think the Aussies have found a good one in Labuschagne .He looks the part. Unflustered by anything.And Smith, well he is Steve Smith.
But football is back tonight ,after a weekend off.After two really great rounds before H&A end, it surprised me that the AFL would do it.But I guess it is their competition. 
Thursday.First elimination final.
The Eagles take on the Bombers in the first elimination final.Lose tonight and mad Monday comes around quicker you want for either side.
At home the Eagles would begin as favourites, but the Bombers will come here fully expecting to win.The Eagles have been blasted in two games at Optus with sides that have taken them on and played dirty football going into their forward lines.Port and Hawthorn both did it.It must be a worry for Simpson.
The Bomber last outing here was a win against Fremantle, so the ground will hold no fears.Their run and stun type of football could cause the Eagles some problems.
NN returns for the Eagles and will be a plus for them.Though he hasn't played for some time, he will still be influential.They have also brought in Schofield and Hutchings.The Bombers have made five changes,and all for the better.In comes Hooker, Stringer Fantasia, Hepple and Snelling.
I am sure that this one will have fans on the edge of their seats and provide plenty of highlights.
Hard to pick , but home ground and crowd will lift the EAgles over the line.
Friday First qualifying final.
The Cats take on the Pies in athe first of the QFs. The Pies will have the advantage of having home ground advantage even though it is, or should be a Cats home game.And we have all heard plenty from Chris Scott about that.
Geelong finished on top but not sure that their form is what Scott would like it to be.Two losses out of their last five and one to the lowly Fremantle.Then losing to the Lions in a nail biter.A game they had won ten minutes from full time.
The Pies are on a four game winning streak thought hey haven't been all that impressive.But the return of Stephenson will give them a real boost up forward.He along with Elliot will cause some real head aches for the Cats.
Because the game is at the G, and the Pies will have a huge crowd there, I am tipping the Pies.
Saturday.2nd Elimination final.
The Giants and Doggies clash at the Giants home ground. We all remember what happened just a few weeks back The Doggies blew the Giants out of the water.They have copped a couple of touch up recently.Who could forget the Hawks demolishing them during the blizzard.The Giants are not in real good form, and if they are hanging their hat on their win over the Suns in the final week of H&A, then I hope that the nail is in properly.
The Doggies hard running ,hard tackling will cause the Giants, yet again , many headaches.A side that attacks from the first siren, they have runners all over the ground.
Looks like the Doggies for me.Early MM for the Giants.
2ndQualifying final.
In what could be the game of the round, the Lions take on the Tigers in Brissie.
Last time these two sides met it was a close game with the Tigers getting away late to record the win.But I am sure that the Lions will have taken more from that game than the Tigers.
The young Lions were a bit dumb struck early and got jumped.But to their credit they clawed their way back into the contest.
The Lions in their own coliseum will be a different kettle of fish this time round.
I think this will be by far the best of this weeks finals.
The Lions for me.
Well that's it once more.I hope you all have a great weekend.The weather looks good but maybe a bit cold, so stay warm.
Good luck with your tips. And may your team win as long as it isn't the other mob.