September 13, 2019 @ 8:23 AM

A week that started slowly, but boy oh boy, did it liven up later.The news just kept coming.
Sadly the week opened with the passing of Saint Kilda great Danny Frawley. What a shame these things happen.The Black Dog is a silent killer and realistically no one is safe from it.I am sure that there would not be a bad word to be said about the jovial joker.R.I.P Spud.
Then along came the resignation of Don Pyke from the Crows. He has fallen on his own sword and was not prepared to see the Crows go through another season of non assurance. I guess he knew that the end was closing in and didn't want it to happen mid season if the season began badly.
Already Ross Lyons name has been bandies about as a replacement for Pyke.Only time will tell I guess.
Then came the bone crusher moment.Willie Rioli alleged to have presented a false sample during an ASADA out of competition test. Many thing have been reported and will be in the weeks to come I am sure.
Sadly the career of a brilliant young player is in the balance. But more importantly, his mental health is the main issue here.Regardless of what has happened, Willies health and well being is the most important thing here.
There will be enough said by supporters non supporters and the media, so no need to go any further.
The cricket has been a win for the Aussies.Retaining the Ashes with a win at Old Trafford.Yet again Steve Smith was superb.Also boquets to Tim Paine for his captaincy during the test match.After so much criticism the previous test, he should be praised for how the Aussies won.
The fifth started last night with Paine making a strange decision after winning the toss, to bowl.A surprise inclusion in Mitch Marsh had people shaking their heads and the Eastern States critics going bonkers.But after the first day, maybe both Paine and Marsh can have the last laugh.
Not a basketball fan, but couldn't allow the way the Boomers have played in the World Championships, to go unnoticed. Winning six from six.Beating sides they haven't beaten before(I think).Beating the French, who in turn beat the Americans, and knocked them from the medal round.Well done Boomers.Hopefully there is a medal in store for you.Fingers crossed that it will be gold.
Now football.Two games this week and the season drawing to an end for two of the teams. Six down to four after this week.And who remembers the Channel seven prom a while back where they had the budgies lined up on the perch.As they were done, yet another budgie,in the teams colours went down.
Friday night.Semi final one.
Geelong V West Coast.
Geelong have yet again fallen foul of a bye.They lost a thriller to the Pies, but never appeared likely to win. Chris Scott was put under the microscope for his axing of Rhys Stanley, due, he said to the weather report.But strangely, Stanley was told earlier in the week he would be out of the side.It proved to be a disastrous move.
I am not sure that their form since the mid season bye has been good enough.They have struggled to have a real impact.But they did enough to remain atop the ladder.A much needed lift from a lot of players will be needed for tonights game.The Little Master, the medias name, not mine , was totally disappointing from a Cats perspective last week.He will need a huge lift.
West Coast, belted the Bombers at Optus.They played some very good football against a very ordinary Bombers out fit.Hard to be harsh after a win like they had.
Gaff and Shuey led the way with countless disposals. The small forwards were potent and Kennedy chipped in with four.
I guess the question now is, how will the Willie Rioli situation affect the playing group.A distraction that the team could have done without.
Even though the Eagles have had a good recent record at the G, I feel that the travel and the Rioli situation may just be too much.I am tipping the Cats.
Saturday.Semi final two.
Lions V Giants.
This is a game of the unknowns really.Are the Lions really the real deal after their belting last week by the Tigers in the battle of the big Cats.Are the Giants going to bring the vigour to this game that they brought last week against the Doggies.
The Lions have been very good this season, but maybe the occasion got the better of them.The question may be , can they recover from that loss to be competitive this week.One thing in their favour is that they are at home again.A big loss for them will be the loss of Mitch Robinson, who has been a tower of strength all year.His hard running and vigour will be sadly missed.
The Neeshies will be brim full of confidence after the shellacking they gave the Doggies last week.Their pressure was relentless and uncompromising.I am not sure in their short time in the AFL that they have ever played with such intensity. They hounded the Doggies, crunching them at every chance.
If they take that up North, then the Lions will be in trouble.
I am torn in this one, but I am tipping the Neeshies to take the prize.
Another week done and dusted. A week closer to the big dance.A dwindling number with a chance.
Hopefully the weather will be fine for both games and we see some brilliant finals football.
Good luck with your tipping.And may your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.