September 27, 2019 @ 11:29 AM

Well it is here, at long last.after all the months of make believe footy games, we now have the biggest game of the year.The Grand final.
We have had a season of ups and downs from a few sides.Some sides more downs than up.
Some sides were expected to be up, like Melbourne but failed badly.Will they be a side that promises so much again.Like this year.Get a favourable draw next year to soar up the ladder, then fall down again if they make the finals.To me they were the disappointment of the season.
From Melbourne to the Lions.They have been the team that were sort of going to be a threat than the team to beat /But come seasons end, they were the big improvers over all.Their form from the previous year, where they lost a lot of players through injury, failed to win close games, to the side that took on the big teams with out fear.
We have been blessed with a finals series that has had good hard close games.Lots of drama.Lots to talk about , if you are a true football follower.Drama from all angles. The AFLs multi million dollar ARC has had one chance to prove that it is a better look for the game..... but guess what.That's right, they blew it.Even the blind man sitting begging on the street corner could see the ball was touched.But true to form, the AFL originally defended the decision. But thankfully, they back tracked and said they got it wrong.
But now we are down to the two best teams in the competition,Richmond and the Giants.Both have worked hard to be the best.
We will know at around about 3PM Perth time , just who will hold the cup and flag aloft.
I guess the big story to make the news for the game, is the selection of former South Fremantle player, Marlion Pickett.A player like Tim Kelly, another Souths boy, was over looked by 17 clubs for a number of years.Picket was selected in the mid season draft by Richmond.Even though he was going to them with a broken finger.A best on the ground performance in the VFL GF last week swayed the selectors, but he must have been in the mix before that.Well done young man and good luck in your debut AFL game.
Another fairy tale I guess Matt Deboer. Delisted by Fremantle a couple of seasons ago, he has reinvented himself as a true tagger.He has taken on the biggest and best names in the game and come out smelling of roses.Well sort of.But you get my drift.
The Tigers have been flag favourites for most of the season, even though they were struggling a bit pre bye.They have a team of players who play their role week after week.Back each other up to the hilt.Some very much A grade players like Martin, Cotchin, Reiwoldt, Grime.Now there is another good feel story.To coninue, Tom Lynch, another big time story.From the bottom of the well to being the stream of water that helps make the Tiger River flow.
The list of players goes on, Prestia, Houli, Rioli, Bolton.The list goes on.But a name that a couple of seasons ago was not in the mix was Ivan Saldo .A player who more or less just wandered into the club as a big man, but many thought it was a joke.He is now close to their number one ruckman.
A team of players that play as a team.A great backs to the wall side.Never say die.Congrats for making it.Good luck.
Then to the new chums of the competition.A team that is much maligned by a lot of the AFL supporters.A team that was given so much support from the AFL. And more than likely still do, but a team that to my way of thinking has been has now has worked on making its own identity.
A team that had so many early draft selections, that robbed many of the traditional of some good players.But, now so many of these of these players have been poached by other clubs.It is the die hard players who have made the Giants their home now that helps make this a real football team.
They have some better than average players as well Some A grade players such as Kelly Whitfield,Coniglio, who sadly misses through injury.
Toby Greene deserves a line of his own.A player you either love or hate.I am of the former group.Yep plays on the edge, but gee he can play.Cameron is a super star.Hopper, Haynes, Davis, Finlayson, all much better than average players.And , like the Tigers , the list goes on.
Two very well constructed teams.Just who wins will remain a mystery until the final siren.
If the Giants bring their win at all costs game to the game Saturday, which I hope they do, will the Tigers have an answer for it.
To me that is the biggest question.I don't believe that the Tigers have had that sort of pressure applied at any stage of the season so far.
But, if the Tigers get their run and stun game going will the Giants be able to stop it.
The defence of the two trams will be under the pump with the forward set ups of both sides.The Giants defence had been incredible pressure the last couple of weeks and stood up.
Then we have the umpires.Razor Ray, Matt Stevic and Dr Shaun Ryan.
We know what to expect of Razor Ray.Thanks mate. Now boys be nice.There is no need for that.
Matt Stevic will just get on with the game.
But Dr Ryan, I assume he holds a medical degree after telling a Giants player he wasn't to touch an injures Lions player.Will he look after Lachie Whitfield coming off his appendix Op.
But good luck to them.No doubt they will cop it from both sets of fans.Just don't interfere too much.Just umpire the game.
Will we hear the famous Tiger roar .The roar that can be heard for miles around.The roar that lifts the roof off the stands at the G when they fill the place.
Or will we hear, a far less noisy Big Big sound of the Giants supporters.
Good luck to both sides .Play hard, but play fair.Well for the most part anyway.
My tip!!! Giants by 17 points.I think that their finals campaign has been a bit tougher than the Tigers and it will hold them in good stead.
well that's it for another week.Might be back next week.We will see.
Enjoy your weekend.Good luck with your tips.
may your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.