March 19, 2020 @ 7:02 AM

Well, it is time for it to begin again..... or is it.
A harsh time since late last year.A large part of Australia burnt out. Peoples lives and lively hoods shattered.
an almost recovery, and along comes a virus that no one knows anything about to almost bring the world to a halt.
Panic shopping by greedy selfish stupid people.
Testing time, for a long time to come.
But footy looms, or does it!!!
The season opener, is still on... so far.
I have found this to be the most lacklustre lead up to the season I can ever remember. No imagined smell of linament,or elastoplast, no smell of leather.Still got the aroma of moth balls.I am not sure the playing guernesys have yet had the smell removed.
Sould it, shouldn't it.Well we all have our opinions on that.But it is Wednesday... so far, the season is still on.But will it be the same in an hour, or two, or three.Will tomorrow bring a different outlook!!!!
Only time will tell.
Any way though I really haven't taken much notice of the fixture, I will have a crack at the first round. I guess like many, I can only go by what was the norm at seasons end last year.Hard to tip correctly , even after the pre season games.
Thursday night
If the game goes ahead, it is Richmond V Carlton.
The Tiger walked away with the Holy Grail last year thumping the Giants in a GF that most would like to forget.They will still be the benchmark for the competition again this season.
Carlton are an unknown quantity.Promise so much, like last season, yet disappoint.A team mixed with experience and youth.
Can they step up and perform this year... again.. only time will tell.
Richmond for me by a fair margin.
Friday night.
Doggies V Pies.
Doggies went out in the first round of finals with a belting from the Giants.Finished 7th on the ladder.A team bristling with young talent Some good young players who will have benefitted from last season.English and Naughton to name a couple.They should have a good year.
Collingwood.Finished 4th on the ladder last season.A good year for them.They beat the Cats in the first qualifying final by ten points.They were then beaten by the Giants in the prelim.A disappointing end for them.A disappointment for all concerned at the club.
An interesting game this one,but I am tipping the Doggies.
Essendon V Fremantle.
Essendon just made the eight last year.They received a nasty shock in defeat by the Eagles in the first round. A side that at times looks invincible, but other times, second rate.
Fremantle.A disappointing end to the year after going well until the bye.Have recruited well over the last two seasons, and this will be a year for them to step up and be counted.
I am tipping Fremantle, for no real reason. ����
Crows V Sydney.
Adelaide finished outside the eight and disappointed for large parts of the season.some have them missing the eight again this year.Maybe the club is in limbo and looking for something or someone special.
Sydney.They had a very poor 2019.Finishing well down the ladder.Maybe their run as finalist is well and truly over.
At home I will tip Adelaide.
Giants V Cats.
The Giants had a good year, shattered by a disastrous grand final.The question is, can they recoup after that loss.A team of talented players who on any given day can tear any team apart.
Cats.Finished on top of the ladder on percentage.Defeated by the Pies in the 1st qualifying final.Beat West Coast in the second week.Then dropped out with defeat by Richmond.
This should be a cracker. A real cracker, but I think the Neeshies will be too good for the Cats.
Suns V Port.
What do we make of the Suns!!! Have they recruited and drafted well enough to become a force in the competition?A much maligned club that needs to have a very good year to remove the real pressure they face.
Port.Missed the finals as well, but at times played some good football.A team with a lot of potentially long term footballers for the club.A club that takes the game on. But can they perform that feat enough times to win games.
A toss of the coin game, but I am thinking that the Suns will begin with a win.
Roos V Saints.
Roos were , or seemed to be the flavour of the Month with the experts, disappointed both them and the supporters. I am not a huge fan of them and I don't foresee much improvement.
Saints. The Saints, according to the experts have recruited better than most clubs off season.But will it carry over onto the playing field.
Another toss up game, but Roos for me.
Hawks V Lions.
Hawthorn finished just outside the eight last year which surprised a lot .Not many gave them a chance to finish so high.
Lions had a breakout season, finishing second on the ladder to Geelong.They exceeded expectations for all. Their football during the season was very very good, but they went out in straight sets. to Richmond and then the Giants.
A hard game to tip , but will Lions for me.
Eagles V Melbourne.
The Eagles were very disappointed with their finals campaign last year.Though demolishing Essendon, they faltered against Geelong.
Melbourne, finished second last in a totally disappointing year.A side that will have to improve immensely, but many believe that they will. I am very doubtful.
Eagles for me.
As per usual, wishing you all a great weekend.Stay safe.
To all the tipsters good luck.And amy your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.