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June 25, 2020 @ 3:55 AM

Well, the footy world is abuzz.The AFL are at long last starting to realise that the state of WA, is the best place to be playing football.
And surprisingly, they are sending both Collingwood and Kangaroos over as entree for the hub.
As early as last week, you would have had to wash your mouth out with some form of acid to say that there is a huge chance that the AFL would consider playing the Grand Final at perth Stadium.Oh heaven forbid.Victoria are so upset with that thought, that they are starting to panic buy toilet paper once again.Is the idea so abominable!!!!!
Just joking folks, just joking.
But footy is certainly becoming newsworthy again.Actually talking about football, and footballers.
which brings me to the next point.......

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June 23, 2020 @ 10:47 AM

A Rant From Anchorman

Well three weeks into the new start!!! MMMMM Sounds like a Scotty toss away line.
But two in and we have a players test positive for the virus.A players who has now put the entire competition at risk.Not just six or seven of his own team mates.
As Forest Gump once said....."Stupid is as stupid does"
But even before this stupid act, I think the game was in trouble.Reduced quarters.has had a real bearing on games.
Every game has been robbed of something like 30 to 35 minutes.In those minutes previously, games have been won or lost.Remember "red time goals!" They just can't exist now.
Such low scores due to the shortened quarters.Two games since th restart, ...


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June 18, 2020 @ 3:31 AM

Well after much anticipation, week two is done and dusted.And a couple of unexpected results.
Another knee jerk reaction by the AFL with the rule change to the Burgoyne sling.Regardless, it should have been at least a one week suspension.
The QLD hub goes into full swing this week.both Adelaide teams on the GC for a few weeks.
Nothing much other than footy to talk about before my tips .. so here goes.
Four and a half last week.I need to improve.
Thursday night.
Richmond V Hawks.
The Tigers took part in without doubt the worst game of the round last week.Even supporters of both sides would have been reluctant to own that game.The less said about it the better.
Hawthorn,belted by the Cats at Alphabet Park, were not much better than ......

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June 11, 2020 @ 3:24 AM

Well here goes.I didn't think I would be back here to start talking football once again.I really thought that the season was done and dusted back in March.
But so much has happened since that day.The Governments have done a great job in holding this virus in check.Well some of them.But that is far too political for here.
Not only through the virus, but what is happening in America and now around the world, has ensured that the world will be totally different from here in.
We have had reruns of games from years way past.We have had reruns of games from closer eras.
We have read and reread, things that players of the past have done in the past.
we have read what some so called journos knew, or thought they knew.
We have read how ......

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