June 11, 2020 @ 3:24 AM

Well here goes.I didn't think I would be back here to start talking football once again.I really thought that the season was done and dusted back in March.
But so much has happened since that day.The Governments have done a great job in holding this virus in check.Well some of them.But that is far too political for here.
Not only through the virus, but what is happening in America and now around the world, has ensured that the world will be totally different from here in.
We have had reruns of games from years way past.We have had reruns of games from closer eras.
We have read and reread, things that players of the past have done in the past.
we have read what some so called journos knew, or thought they knew.
We have read how they would all change the game for the better.
We have seen sport world wide shut down except for a few.Horse racing has not been hindered.But then how would the big betting machines and local bookies have survived with out the mug punter!!!
We have all endured lock down, isolation, and hopefully we have all come out the other side with our sanity.
Our world that we knew pre Christmas, is no longer.We have a new normal.Just what that is, I have no idea,But then does anyone?
Any way, enough of that.Footy restarts tomorrow night.No crowds for this one.
How do we look at what happened in round one!!That is so far away.Form from those games mean nothing.
Shorter quarters for this season.A bonus for the older players!!!Only time will tell.
Collingwood V Richmond.
The good news story from this game is the selection and come back of live wire forward Jack Higgins for Richmond.We need players like him with a bit of rascal in him.Good luck young man.
Basha Houli is fitr and raring to go.
For the Pies Treloar is out as is the Lanky Yankee Mason Cox.
Hard to take anything from both theses teams first round.Pies beat the Dogs.Tigers win over Carlton.
but given that Richmond hold the cup, I am tipping them.
Friday night.
Geelong V Hawthorn.
Cats losers to the Giants last time out.
Hawks winners against the Lions.
I think that the aging Geelong may struggle a bit this year, but can never write them off.
Hawks have a fairly elderly list as well.But same as Geelong.Never write them off.
Only for the fact it is ay Alphabet Park, I am tipping Geelong.
Brissie V Fremantle.
Both loser in the first round.Lions to Hawks.Fremantle to Essendon.
The Lions had a good season last year and shocked a lot I think.A team with a load of potential.Experience with youth has given them a real boost.The advent of Chris Fagan to the club has done wonders.He is an older coach who seems to be able to embrace the youth of the club and bring out the best in them.
Fremantle. How do we assess the club.A dramatic end to last season.Sacking Ross Lyon and also losing Steve Rosich.Replaced by Justin Longmuir and Simon Garlick.The club is going through a vast change not only admin wise , but with a large number of young players.A lot of promise that needs to be turned into performance.
Brissie at home will be hard to beat, but Fremantle will test them.
Brissie for me, but not by much.
Carlton V Melbourne.
Both first round losers.
What can Carlton bring to the table this year!!! Will they disappoint again.So much promised by them for so long.Yet disappoint so many times.
Melbourne.Again, what can they bring.This club have been on drip feed from the AFL for far too long and given nothing.A make or break season for the Dees I feel.Could they, should they become a talking point of clubs that need to be looked at for merger!
Again for now reason.Carlton.
Gold Coast V Eagles.
I keep thinking that the Suns will eventually rise, but can it be this year.Or will they start, once again, to lose their valuable players.I Think they showed a lot of promise last season and will shake a tree or two this season.Copped a beating from Port in the first round.
Eagles.Once again the side that will be well and truly in the mix for the last day in ........Well who know when.But they will be more likely be there than not.
Eagles in this one, by some margin.
Power V Crows.
The Show Down
Port winners in the first round and showing promise against the Suns.Some gun youngsters at the Power.Another team that could cause headaches to some teams.
Crows, first round losers to the Swans.A club with a few problems I think.They have not been in a happy place since the Power stance GF.
Power for me here.
Giants V North.
Great to see that Callum Ward has made yet another recovery from injury.This man deserves a real lucky break. Good luck Callum,
The Giants were a total wreck in the 19 GF, but are a much better side than that.They opened up the season with a good win over Geelong,and I see then continuing this run.So much talent and with a list that is now full of experience.
Roos, beat another battler Saint Kilda, in the first round.Another team that has been on the AFL drip for some time.What do they have? Time will tell.
Giants by some distance for me.
Swans V Essendon.
Swans first round winners over the Crows in a close game.
Essendon, first round winners over Fremantle .After a fast start, fell in a hole and just held on.
swans in Sydney are winners for me.
Saints V Bulldogs.
Both losers in first round.
Can the Saints give something that has been missing for a while.They have recruited well, bringing in experience.Will it be enough to make them a viable proposition?
Bulldogs a disappointing year in 2019.Are they still having a 2016 hang over?Can they find that sort of form yet again.
I am going for the Saints here.
Well that is it for the long awaited second week of tipping.
Good luck to all tippers.We are all going to need it I think.
Have a good and safe weekend.
To all tippers I hope your team wins, as long as it isn't the other mob.