June 25, 2020 @ 3:55 AM

Well, the footy world is abuzz.The AFL are at long last starting to realise that the state of WA, is the best place to be playing football.
And surprisingly, they are sending both Collingwood and Kangaroos over as entree for the hub.
As early as last week, you would have had to wash your mouth out with some form of acid to say that there is a huge chance that the AFL would consider playing the Grand Final at perth Stadium.Oh heaven forbid.Victoria are so upset with that thought, that they are starting to panic buy toilet paper once again.Is the idea so abominable!!!!!
Just joking folks, just joking.
But footy is certainly becoming newsworthy again.Actually talking about football, and footballers.
which brings me to the next point.Connor McKenna.I am confused about his testings. Positive negatives, Positives, negatives.Is he positive or a negative!!!!?
Regardless,from what I can gather, both he and Essendon Football Club,broke the rules of training.All clubs have been told not to have groups of one line all training.In his case, the back line.
But anyway, from memory, last week I had a shocker.Three I think.So not travelling so well tipping wise
I did not get a chance to watch all games alsr weekend, so not sure what to make of things this week..... but here goes.
Thursday Night.
Swans V Doggies.
Swannies winners from last week out running the Roos in a close game.
Doggies,smashing the angry Giants away from home.A huge change from the previous week.
Should be a close game but I am sticking with the home team Sydney.
Friday night.
Giants V Pies.
Gee the Giants have a bit of ground to make up after a humiliation last week.Appears they were more intent on fighting than playing football.Going to need a big shift in attitude I think.
The Pies took the red hot Saints to the cleaners.A team that will be hard to beat all season I think.A team with some real class players.On their day will be a force to any side.
I am afraid that the Giants are coming from too far back to win this one.Pies for me.
Port V Eagles.
Port are the form team so far this season.Too big and strong for Fremantle last week, and played some impressive football.Some bright stars who shine under pressure plus experience.
Eagles,have disappointed since leaving home.Two bad losses.A far cry from the force they have been.They would need to win this one I think or move towards the rear of the line.It would be safe to say , they haven't handled the high performance centre very well so far.
In what should be the game of the round,I am tipping Port to be just too strong for the Eagles.
Saints V Tigers.
Saints have looked good at times, but copped a hiding last week.Maybe reverting back to the Saints of old, promising much but missing on delivery day.
To say the Tigers have had a shaky start would be an understatement.Have they lost the hunger.The will to win?
this week will be a big test for both clubs.
But surely the Tigers could not once again play so badly..... could they?
Tigers for me.
Essendon V Carlton
Essendon are a game behind after not playing last week due to the McKenna issue.But have a perfect record so far.At one stage this week, looked like they would battle to field a team.
Carlton.Well the Navy Blue tune was belted out loud and strong after a great win against the Cats at Alphabet park.Holding off a strong finish by the Cats,Two cliffhangers in a row to them now.
This should be a cliffhanger as well But form says Carlton and who am I to challenge form.
Suns V Dockers.
Well, well, well the Suns burning two big birds in their last two games.Who would have thought that.Is the Sun beginning to rise!!!A team of youth at the moment and a kid by the name of Mathew Rowell having the entire football world talking.A big bodies kid who has begun well.
Fremantle, tossed aside by the bog bodied Power last week.Especially in the second water logged term.A long way for Fremantle to catch up.But hopefully, some of the youth will rise this week.
But Suns for me.
Lions V Crows.
Lions are playing very well right now, and I think they will be a force this season.Playing very good football and believing in each other,
Crows.Well what can be said about them right now.A once powerhouse of the AFL and the Pride of SA, now look like a club in crisis. big shake up is needed it seems.
At home, Lions for me.
Dees V Cats.
Dees missed last week, as did Essendon,so a game behind others.A one point win against Carlton is all they have to show so far.
Cats only win so far was against a disappointing Hawks.Is age catching up with the Cats.Have they almost used up their nine lives!!!Stay tunes.
Not sure why, but I think the Cats can win this one.
Hawks V Roos.
Hawks had a very impressive win last week against the Tigers.And their previous win was against the Lions.
Roos,have beaten the Giants and Saints. Hard to work out their form.
Another coin toss.Hawks for me.
Well another week of dart throwing.
Good luck to all tippers.Have a great weekend.Stay safe.
May your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.