June 23, 2020 @ 10:47 AM

A Rant From Anchorman

Well three weeks into the new start!!! MMMMM Sounds like a Scotty toss away line.
But two in and we have a players test positive for the virus.A players who has now put the entire competition at risk.Not just six or seven of his own team mates.
As Forest Gump once said....."Stupid is as stupid does"
But even before this stupid act, I think the game was in trouble.Reduced quarters.has had a real bearing on games.
Every game has been robbed of something like 30 to 35 minutes.In those minutes previously, games have been won or lost.Remember "red time goals!" They just can't exist now.
Such low scores due to the shortened quarters.Two games since th restart, have recorded scores of over a 100 points The first game back, Tigers V Pies, 36 points a piece!!!
Losing scores have been like,29, 33, 36.
The game was changed before the season started, We know that for years, the game we once knew as OUR game, was no longer distinguishable, from what we see today.
How do we get the game back to something that resembles Australian rule football.
The game has become a game for athletes. Players , well most, are not good kicks.The skills that were required are no longer a prerequisite for getting drafted.As long as you can run all day then you are picked.
My line of thinking, and I know that it will never be listened to, is that we need to eliminate a number of teams from the AFL.
There has to be the less financial clubs from Melbourne put under pressure to merge.There are too many Melbourne based teams in the competition.Far too many.And the teams that that have been on the AFL drip for some time, now need to be weeded out or merged.
There is a lot of white noise that comes from Melbourne about how badly the Suns have bled the AFL dry.White noise , enough to take away the focus of the less successful financial tams in Melbourne,
Saint Kilda have been feeding off the AFL for a long time.A side that needs to be looked at for merging.
Western Bulldogs another,
North Melbourne have been drip feeding as well. A club that should have merged some time ago.And still on the AFL life line.
Then there is Melbourne.Just how long have Melbourne been draining the AFL coffers!!!They still are having their hand out at seasons end.Remember the assistance they got from the AFL with the installing of a CEO.Then there was the Roos experiment.And the hand over experiment.All AFL funded.They will have their hand out again this season I am sure.
Then if what we hear whispered, there are Geelong and Carlton , both which appear to be struggling financially.
Yep a lot of white noise from Melbourne town.
With less teams,there will be less club in financial trouble.
Also,this will allow the second tier competitions to develop young players.For some reason the AFL consider the second tier state competitions as enemies, where they should be helping them big time.This is where the young talent comes from.
And speaking of young talent.If there were mergers and less teams, then the age for drafting could be raised to allow kids to grow into their young bodies and not suffer the battering the get when exposed to bigger AFL bodies so early.
I am not as passionate about watching games this season as I have been in the past.I am not sure if it is just the standard of football, or whether it is the lack of atmosphere with out crowds.But there is certainly something missing.
Maybe some good football!!!
Any way rant over.Feel free to comment.