July 8, 2020 @ 9:51 PM

More of the same last week.Nobody knowing much about what is going on.Football wise that is.
A rush to get the Victorian based sides out of town this week.Sadly, Fox Football are using Jack Reiwoldt as a martyr.Or Jack, with all the attention, is making himself just that.
ALL players and clubs are doing their damndest to keep the season up and running.Stop pin pointing it to one player Fox.Jack had the choice to go or stay.
Also remember that it was Richmond that put the stopper on the hub happening here in WA.
The MRO and the tribunal have come under scrutiny ,yet again for inconsistencies over sling tackles.The old saying, all clubs(players) are equal.Just some are more equal than others.
How Christian holds his spot I have no idea.But , hey , this sort of stuff has been going on since the VFL was bankrupt back in 1986.
One of the young super stars, came a cropper on the weekend.Sadly the end of the season for Matt Rowell.Good luck young man.
The hubs are well and truly up and running now.Going to be interesting to see how they all handle it.
Footy is with us again tomorrow night.
Thursday night.
Geelong V Lions.At the SCG.
Geelong were fairly impressive with their win over the improving Suns at Kardinya Park.At home this week at the SCG.A strange year it is.
The Lions are running on top of the ground right now after defeating the previously unbeaten Power, with ease.
This week will test, as it is the first time away from the comfort of the Gabba.But playing very good football.
Maybe the game of the round.Lions for me,
Friday Night.
Pies V Hawks.
The Pies were crunched by Essendon last week.They look like a club in trouble.Far too many off field issues, and Eddie is not helping much.Maybe getting away from Melbourne for a few weeks will help them.
Hawks,close to six goal losers to the Giants last week after two previous wins.
Not sure why, but am tipping the Pies.
Dockers V Saints.
The Dockers had their first taste of blood last week in the battle for the spoon. Not a game of the highest standard but a win. A couple of outstanding performances from Logue and Brayshaw helped them get over the line.
Saints have been impressive in games this season.They have pace around the ground and use the ball well.
I can't see the Saints losing this one.
Eagles V Crows.
The Eagles seem to have tossed off the hub blues and had a good win last week over the Swans.Fielding close to their best side, they weren't seriously challenged by the Swans.
The Crows have been ordinary, very ordinary so far.They played two good quarters last week but fell in a hole in the last quarter.
Eagles to win this one.
Melbourne V Suns.
Melbourne have been put under the spotlight this week for their performances.Bad kicking , bad decision making, lack of vision.
When they run and get it right , they look good.But it isn't happening that way enough right now.
The Suns were beaten Cats at Kardinya park last week, but far from disgraced.A young team on the rise I feel.
Suns to win this one.
Bombers V Roos.
The Bombers had too much fire power last week in their win over the Pies.A bit of a run and stun team, that can be very good or very ordinary.
The Roos crunched by the Doggies last outing.Not sure where they sit in the scheme of things.
Bombers for me.
Power V Giants.
The Power had the plug pulled on them by the Lions last week.
After such a good start to the season, it came as a surprise to see them fold like they did.
The Giants, were impressive against the Hawks last week.Slowly beginning to get their mojo back after two disappointing losses to the Doggies and the Pies.Getting one of their best back this week in Tim Taranto.Will be a big plus.
Giants for me.
Tigers V Swans.
Tigers winners over Melbourne last week But are a long way from the team they were last year.But plenty of time to recover.Maybe some are still rejoicing the flag last year.
Swans beaten by the resurgent Eagles last week are struggling a bit I feel.
Tigers for me.
Blues V Dogs.
Carlton have a two and three win loss record this season.But have they really improved.There remains a lot of questions over them.
The Doggies have won their last three against the Giants, Swans and Roos.So in pretty good form.A team with fast ball movement and an exciting brand of football.
Doggies for me.
I finished with six last week and need to improve.
But that is it for round six.
I hope you all have a great weekend.Good luck with your tips.And may your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.