July 15, 2020 @ 7:30 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.Elvis has left the building.
Well something like that.
No longer is Victoria the centre of the AFL,Far from it.Queensland has entered the thar space.They are now Hub central.All victorian based clubs are now Banana Benders or cane Toads.It will be hard for them to concede that the football world doesn't revolve around Melbourne.
But hey, who know just what this strange 2020 football season will have in store for us next week.Or maybe tomorrow.
We can only hope that those selfish people who think this virus is a joke feel proud of themselves for forcing all Australia to have to go through this hardship.
Big time football arrives in WA tomorrow night.Yep never thought we would see two Victorian clubs actually playing for four points in WA at Perth Stadium.
Pretty soon, if things keep going as it is now,fixtures will almost over lap.Going to make it a nightmare for tippers knowing which is their knee and which is their elbow.Confusion will reign I am sure.
Then the Derby on Sunday.Both games will have 30,000 supporters of football in attendance.Almost back to normal I did say almost.
I fell by the wayside last week, only got four.
Thursday night.
Cats V Pies.
Geelong knocked off the Lions last week at Kardinya park.They were very impressive in that win.Winners of their last three and sitting second on the ladder.I am sure Chris Scott would be feeling pretty happy right now.
The Pies started like a house on fire against the Hawks.Kicking five in the first, but kicking only another three for the rest of the game.The Pies are hot and cold and who knows just which side will turn up tomorrow night.
The Cats for me in this one.Should be a cracking game I reckon.
Friday night.
Bombers V Dogs.
The Bombers took the points in a game against the Roos, and so far ,with a game in hand are looking pretty good.
Essendon will be without Dylan Shiel after the tribunal punished him with a two week ban for a high hit on Curtis taylor.One of many such incidents last week.He will be missed by the Bombers.
The Dog, were just that last week.They were torn apart by a resurgent Blues outfit.A very disappointing display.They didn't kick a goal in the last half of the game.
Form tells me that the Bombers will continue to enter the winners circle.
Giants V Lions.
Well the Giants are certainly digging a big hole for themselves so far.Touted as flag favourites at the beginning of the season, They have a lot of work to do from here on.
They were in the game last week but never looked like winning against the Power.
The Lions fell foul of Geelong down at the Cattery last outing. But to get beaten by them down there is no shame.
Away again this week may show us if they are just a force up in the Sunshine state.
On paper and ladder position this should be a clinker, but will it be!!!!
I have no idea why , after last week, but am tipping the Giants in a close one.
Swans V Suns.
The Swans were very disappointing last week against Richmond in a game that can only be described as a shocker.To make matter worse they will be without two of their prime movers in Kennedy and Heeney.Both are long term injuries.
The Suns loss to Melbourne must have been a bit disappointing to Stewy Dew, but one real bright spot was the unveiling of another youngster that looks like in a few weeks we will be saying Matty Rowell.Who is he.Izac Rankin,Write that name down, because we will be hearing a lot of it this season.After one game, gone to favourite for the NAB riser.
After the way the Swans played last week, I couldn't possibly select them.Suns for me.
Tigers V Roos.
Well, well, well, what do we make of the Tigers.It seems that they are not happy campers those boys from Tiger land.
Unhappy about the hub.Dimma moaning about the way the opposition have played. One of their guns thinking that he is the only player who has kids and a wife. Don't seem to have their minds on the job.
The Roos loss to the Bombers bad loss.But none the less a loss they didn't plan on. They are playing some good footy at times, but sitting down among the cellar dwellers.
I think the Roos can cause an upset here.
Blues V Power.
Have the Blues turned the corner!!! Are they going to give their long suffering supporters something to yell about!!!
Tearing apart an in form Bulldogs last week was no mean feat.Keeping them goalless in the last half.Exciting time ahead for Blues fans.
Port power, were too good for the Giants and are still looking the goods.Sitting proudly atop the ladder a game clear.
In game that should thrill, I am tipping the Power.
Hawks VDees
The Hawks were totally disappointing last week.It would appear that Old Father Time is catching up with the Wees and Poos.Maybe it is time for a few young ones to move in.But , they have had disappointing games like that before and then turned on the tap the next week.
The Dees copping a pounding from the media the previous week, finally turned up to show the potential they have promised in beating the Suns.
But was it a flash in the pan!!! Can they sustain the run.I guess only time will tell.
But winning form is hard to fault.Dees for me.
Dockers V Eagles.
Fremantle overcame a horrid start against the in form Saints last week.Fielding a back line of midgets and inexperience, they overcame the odds.Losing Darcy and Young early.Then having Fyfe in trouble late.But a good gutsy win.
The Eagles did what they had to do to beat the Crows. The performance of Tim Kelly would have excited the fans.
but for me the inclusions over the last two weeks of Allen and Waterman has been a bonus for them.
It will be interesting to see just how the midget backline of the Dockers handle the big forwards of the Eagles.
I would love to think Fremantle can win this one, but I think the experience of the Eagles will prevail.
Monday.Yes Monday.
Crows V Saints.
The Crows are in trouble, but we all know that.At home this week, can it be a turning point for them!!!Maybe a few of their more senior players will once again come under the microscope.But they have a few really good kids to show the way.
Saints after a fast start last week either fell in a hole, or were just over powered by Fremantle pressure. A few of their gun recruits have come under fire this week and the pressure will be on them to perform against the lowly Crows.
I can't see the Saints dropping this one.Saints for me.
Well another week done and dusted.I hope you all have a great weekend.Good luck with your tipping.
I hope your team wins, as long as it isn't the other mob.