July 23, 2020 @ 1:13 PM

Getting close to shutting down I reckon.What is it,33 games in 22 days?How is one supposed to keep up with that!!!
When does round 9 finish and round 10 start.What about what is the halfway mark.????????????
The mind boggles.
I thought that footy last round almost turned the corner to Aussie rules , rather than Rugby.Less rolling scrums.Less mauling.
But, confusion reins supreme.The holding the ball rule, was a mess.I pity the umpires.Nah really I do. As much as I call them names etc, I would not be an umpire for quids.Maybe Clarko should don the fluro for a week or two to find out how hard it is.
He like Stephen Hocking,fill the air with thought bubbles.I know Clarko has the runs on the board, but the AFL seem to jump when he speaks.Why!!!It is because of the likes of Clarko that we have the shemozzle we have regarding rules and stale football.Every time there is a rule change, they look for a loop hole.A bit like big business and tax look holes.
With the season being compressed into a tight schedule, I think we will see many young players making debuts in the next few weeks.
But footy is back and running, so shouldn't complain.
Thursday Night.
Suns V Doggies.
The Suns get a crack at the Big Time blockbusters for the first time.Good luck to them.Bad luck there will only be a small crowd to urge them on. They had a good win last time out.Their new super star Izak Rankine, yet again showed his skills.A future champion.Stewie Dew looks like signing a new two year deal.Well deserved I reckon.If they can keep the players there, they will be a force for some time.
The Doggies were super impressive in smashing the Bombers.Tim English was a star for the night.A super performance from the young man.They also unveiled an exciting young player Cody Weightman.Took a couple of great highmarks and kicked a goal with his first kick. And what a goal it was from tight on the boundary, 40 metres out.All this after taking a speccie mark.
This game should be a good opening to round eight.Two good young hard running sides.
At home I am thinking that the young Suns will be belting out their tune come games end.
Friday night.
Giant V Richmond.
Gee what has happened to the Giants!!They are a long way away from the team of last season.They went down to the rising Lions by 20 points.But lucky it was that close.A lot of egos need to be left in the change rooms maybe!!
Richmond, are far from the team of last season as well.Though winning their last three agains, Melbourne, Sydney and North.
Hardly an endorsement for flag favourites.
Even though the Giants are at home, I can't see them beating the Tigers.Tigers.
North V Carlton.
North have lost their last five in a row.Call it what you like, struggling, battling, finding it hard, it is disappointing.Especially after a strong finish last season and Shaw being hailed a hero.
Of those five losses, their highest points is 54.And two score of 23, and 24 points.
Carlton suffered a crushing defeat to Port last week.Not crushing in being belted, but being beaten on the last kick of the day,.A goal after the siren by Robbie Grey.Carlton are a much improved side this season and who knows just how far they can go with a bit of luck.
Unless the Roos improve immensely, I see them once again reverting back to road kill.And I can't see them beating Carlton.
Swans V Hawks.
Swans are in a rebuild stage.... I think.But many injuries as well may be forcing the blooding.A disappointing year so far.
Hawks have slipped badly. Hard to see them coming back this season.Many indifferent performances.Sitting 14th on the ladder and Sydney 16th
Not sure what this game can bring.Who wins!!!!! Who knows. Toss a coin and it may come down on the edge.Maybe Sydney.
Port V Saints.
Port fell over the line last week.An after the siren goal saved them at home.But still sitting atop the ladder and playing good footy.Charlie Dixon is giving them a huge focal point up forward .A big unit he is.
Saints are going ok, winning last time out against the lowly Crows.
Both sides play a hard fast running game, so should be a good game.
Port at home for me.
Crows V Bombers.
Cellar dwelling Crows are having huge troubles.A club in a bit of a crisis.Not sue just how they solve it but may not win many games this season.
Bombers have been pretty good but ran into a roadblock last week.Belted by the Doggies.
Eagles V Pies.
The Eagles safe and secure back home in their aerie.Safe from the confines of the hub.A safe win over the Dockers last week.Will find this one a bit more difficult I think.
Pies away from home again in the Perth hub, but they seem to like being away from home,though they seldom get away.
This will be the best game of the round in front of the full house of around 25:000.Maybe the Eagles will just win this one.
Melbourne V Lions.
Melbournes form has been topsy turvy all year.But a good win last week against the Hawks would give them some confidence against a good side in Brisbane.
Lions have been having a good season so far.Sitting second, with five wins and playing good football.
The Lions for me.
Monday night.
Dockers V Geelong.
Fremantle losers to cross town rivals last week in what was a disappointing display.A long way away from making a dent in the competition are Fremantle.But one shining light for them was the debut of Michael Frederick.Not a super number of disposals, but looked a very confident young man.Kicked a flashy goal for good measure.Maybe the first of many of the young Dockers we will see before the seasons end.
Geelong lost to the Pies last week and were not overly impressive.But a good team with youth and experience.
Geelong for me.
Well another weeks done and dusted.A hard round, as they all are.
I hope you all have a good weekend, and good luck with your tipping/
May your team win, as long as it isn't the other mob.